With the advent of digital communication, there is less emphasis on physical symbolism and messaging, as more people prefer to use emojis to convey their feelings. Some are fairly straightforward, like the variety of facial expressions, while others are a bit more challenging to decipher. As we see from TikTok user @krianbearney, it appears hearts have become the new flowers, although the translation isn’t quite the same.  As someone who prefers longer text paragraphs and using words (probably from my years on AOL Instant Messenger and certainly unrelated to my professional writing), I had no idea that the different hearts had different meanings either. I have never seen the colors translated to emotions on social media so I’m not sure if there’s a consensus on this either. However, it is interesting to see the continuation of the tradition of linking colors to specific feelings, like mood rings of the past.  Turns out a lot of commenters have no idea what all these hearts mean. Evelyn Jay confessed, “Not me just colour matching hearts to the picture I’m posting and giving accidental messages.” “When you find the class let me know because I’m clueless!!!” admitted Claudette. mail4melanie doesn’t quite follow the rules, “I use green, because I was sorted in Slytherin.”