But in case you don’t know that feels - and I’m really jealous if you don’t - TikTok creator Ali Woods (@aliwoodsgigs) posted a video demonstrating. And it is very accurate. This is so painfully relatable, especially for those of us who work from home. We’re chilling in our favorite holiday-themed loungewear, vibing to Christmas music snacking on some treats and generally enjoying life. Then all of a sudden, an email notification from outlook startles us out of our relaxed state and brings us back to reality and makes us realize we still have to work. So inconsiderate. Other TikTok users know what I’m talking about, and they expressed their laments in the comments section. “The email sound immediately activates my fight or flight,” @fefi_f14 said. “We should just all get the week before Christmas off. No one wants to be productive during that time. We want hot chocolate and Christmas movies!” @.henny12_ said. I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I would love nothing more than to relax the last two weeks of the year. But alas, we got bills to pay. But just because we are working does not mean we can’t make the most of the holidays.