People are eschewing more traditional entertainment cabinets and mounting flatscreen TVs to walls as stand-alone fixtures. This gives the opportunity to go bigger on TV size, which also allows the manufacturers to provide some cool elements to their models. TikTok user @cedlom took us through his process in getting a TV for his new place and it looks like his decision has a fantastic feature most have not seen. As someone who initially questioned getting a 50" for our living room but thinks it was a great investment, I am wholeheartedly in support of this impressive decision. The screen saver that features famous paintings certainly puts it over the top. For that size, however, it does need a large wall and likely has to be the only visual device in that space. Commenters on this post are very impressed with this purchase. “It actually looks so goood! The painting look!” remarked todo. DOOMZDAY suggested, “buy speakers and add led lights on the sides on the TV.” “Dude, excellent movie choice to test the new screen,” noted Gamin4Hope, referring to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith playing at the end.