Sometimes, apparel companies make claims about their products that seem to good to be true. Can your shirts or pants really combat all the perils of the world (including my clumsiness) and keep me looking fresh and clean? Well, TikTok user @kylekruegerr put such an item to the test.  Commenters were just as shocked as Kyle that the shirt ACTUALLY did what was advertised. Anna chimed in, “imagine wearing one of those when it rains.” “Red wine or beet juice would be great for staining,” suggested lateabridge, one of many recommendations for other substances the shirt can try to repel. Jamal raised a common question, “just wondering how he washed it at first.” This is an interesting opportunity to see someone try a product and get a legitimate reaction. It would be cool to see how the shirt reacts to thicker liquids or solids for stain resistance.