With all this usage, the streaming companies have begun to tailor their offerings to subscribers based on what they watched in the past. Of course, this can be avoided with a simple fix if so desired. For those who don’t know this or don’t care, it can lead to some interesting realizations, as TikTok user @pete_tatoes found out in a scan of his family’s shared account. In addition to overwhelming support for the “cartoon” shown in the video, commenters had some interesting confessions from their own Netflix experience. “My dad texted me after the update to ask why all he saw on mine was murders and anime,” acknowledged Aleecats. Loren suggested, “Netflix is about to out a whole lot of people.” “I mean we all knew right??” asked Katherine Green.  I do share some accounts with others on our streaming services, which can lead to some interesting suggestions on the main screen. Other services are easier to search or have more verticals for different genres, which provide a different experience. But yeah, seeing this would spook me too honestly.