According to TikTok creator Lewis Menelaws (@lewismenelaws), artificial intelligence (AI) is coming after programming jobs. At least that’s what it seems like. ChatGPT is a prototype AI developed by OpenAI and specializes in dialogue. In this TikTok, Menelaws explained that ChatGPT is an AI that can answer almost any question about programming, saying that it’s a little bit too smart. It even created its own Python server. Maybe we should be afraid. “ChatGPT is mind-blowing,” fellow creator @moderndaypsychologist wrote under the comments section of this video. “Software engineering killed by AI… hello new world,” @schindlerjahudisi said. Others who have used the ChatGPT reassured that the AI has some flaws. “I tried a few examples. Apart from very simple scripts, they mostly fail,” @wankydoodle said. “When I gave it something more tricky, it started making up NPM libraries that don’t exist and writing code around them based on their inputs.” @garethhd said. Of course, all this seems alarming now, but according to some viewers, we are probably far from seeing major job losses due to AI. We just have to be sure to keep an eye on them.