There are many aspects of smartphone ownership and care that have come under scrutiny over the years. Perhaps none has generated the most content and controversy than how to maintain battery life and when to charge phones. TikTok user @shoandtech weighed in on this ongoing argument and provided some insight that challenges conventional wisdom. As expected, there is a lot of pushback and counterarguments in the comment section. Jesiahs insists, “I charge my 12 pro max every night had it for a year and I’m at 98%.” “As a person with ADHD, if I don’t charge it overnight I’ll forget to do it all together,” wrote Caroline, speaking for many. Person Number 5 took a more comprehensive approach, “So much has not been said here. Battery life is also affected by installed apps, settings, general usage.” This is an interesting discussion that certainly tends to vary based on people’s needs. Some careers (first responders, flight attendants, journalists, etc.) don’t afford the opportunity to run batteries overnight without charging. Hopefully cell phone manufacturers will continue to develop more durable batteries because there are few modern anxieties that are more crippling than fear of a phone dying.