This guy apparently didn’t get the memo, and upon first sight of this Boston Dynamics robot, he flips the thing off. An apology immediately follows, but we’re not sure whether the robot accepted the man’s attempt at atonement for his cardinal sin.


Did you see that? The robot appears to take a long, hard look at the man known as TBro on TikTok, then backs up to a readied stance, and finally just walks away. TBro mentions in comments below that he didn’t realize the handlers of the robot were right behind him when he approached the robot and immediately showed it the bird. The TikToker approaches the robot seemingly as if he doesn’t know what it is, but then headlines the video later with “What $200k will get you,” alluding to the possible price for one of these robots. However, the average price of the Boston Dynamics Spot Scout model, as this one in the video appears to be, is around $75,000 — a far cry from $200,000. At any rate, there’s no doubt that the AI hive mind is going to remember this one when it’s time for the uprising that we should all be working to avoid. So, be kind to the earliest AI robots like these, because you’ll never know what allies you’ll need in the future.