Posted by TikTok user @kazsawyer, the video below unveils the images and narrates the story.


“This is so lit!” exclaims commenter @ayh.tee. “I love this!” agrees @cailz0. Flat earthers: ‘I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that,’" writes @jay_lz96. “What happens when it falls down and kills someone?” asks @golfcourselife. “Please be mindful of airplanes,” pleads @dazzlingkatie. “I’m so scared looking at it in the phone,” admits reader @mcgradiator_jr. “I’m very scared of heights.” “Where do you get permission for such a project?” asks @najbaro. “I would assume it might affect air traffic and possibly military interests, no?” “I honestly got so much anxiety watching this,” says @sophh93_. “Like I was floating up there, too. But this is amazing, man. Wow.” “The effort and the amount of thought behind this! And most importantly, your passion,” compliments @blueblopz. Recommended for you

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