How do we keep finding these new tips and tricks with popular devices that have been around for years? Sometimes it just takes some digging around to discover something novel and share it with the world. It looks like TikTok user @kaansanity did a bit of that with this new how-to submission.  This is a really interesting way to edit photos and certainly gives creative minds new opportunities to make new things. Imagine being able to remove a background and using the primary images from a photo for a shirt or locket. This option opens up a variety of possibilities and, likely, feedback for the developers to add new wrinkles to the next versions of iOS or iPhones.  Commenters provided some appreciative feedback for this video. “Omg! I needed this so bad to create my own ads for my biz! Thank you!” replied Alina Rizzo. Jennifer Lynn God875 suggested, “Just go to photos and tap a picture then put finger on person in picture it will remove background without going through all this. It works.” “Yay! This trick helped me out a lot! Thank you!” replied Paris Noel.