Cell phones are the most common modern device across different demographics, including age groups, as they’ve become vital to keeping in touch and pretty much run our lives. While ownership of specific models is rather general, there are some preferences that seem to point to a potential “generation gap” among users. TikTok user @ericroberts44 has highlighted a notable difference between older and younger phone owners.  Sometimes these videos don’t make sense to me, but I’ll admit, this one is spot-on. My mom has a smartphone that she keeps in a case, and she opens it frequently to check things. She has an Android, so I don’t believe she has ever used FaceID to open it. My dad, of course, still has a flip phone and refuses to change. Commenters have some interesting responses to this video. “jokes on you coz when I drop my phone its protected by the case and your phone has a shattered screen js,” retorted Teresa Louise141. chloe_robertson mentioned, “I’m 26 and I’ve had that case since the age of 20.” “wrr I’m over 40 and there is no way on earth I’d have a cover like that…ever,” insisted Maisey.