Posted by TikTok user @tech, the below video features a man piloting a PPC as it flies around a giant field of solar panels and it truly is a new perspective.


“Oh, I always wanted to do that,” writes commenter @bennieschoonbeek708. “Sweet,” says @cellofellow. “No issues from the ‘farmers’?” Viewer of the video @relexridwan comments on the music added to the video, writing, “Song is so mesmerizing.” “Cool,” says @roseviolet98516. “So destroy large areas of forests to build solar fields to save the planet? Makes sense.” “I reckon what solar panels need is a big sheet blocking the sun going up and down,” jokes @goatsinboatsonmoats. “Powered parachutes are mostly recreational machines, offering flight experiences that are hard to duplicate with other types of flying, writes EasyFlight. “Slow, low altitude, open cockpit flying is what many people dream about when they have dreams of flight. This is exactly what a powered parachute does!” Recommended for you

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