Shooting large areas from a drone is apparently not limited to news stations trying to cover volcanic explosions or large accidents. The aerial view provides a different perspective from ground-based cameras, while being able to get closer than a helicopter or other mounted camera. TikTok user @iammarcohall gave us a candid “tour” of his home with his drone. Commenters had a nice laugh with this video and certainly sympathize with the unsuspecting family members. “Oh they saw the cameras yoooo so they knew and when he got caught with your snacks and ran away lmaooo,” responded Jessica Marie. Grace acknowledged, “I’m Braylon most def! Just the female and slightly older version.” “Braylon knew it was you lol,” noted Booker fan. I had no idea who Marco Hall was (former boxer turned social media star) so seeing that incredible house knocked me off my feet at first. Honestly, this seems a great way for a homeowner with a large property to keep tabs on things, even when at home. As for the snacks, that’s what kids do sometimes.