This display, however, is an absolute marvel of intricacy, detail and has a spectacular finish. The video, shared by TikTok user @nhatrangbi14, is a treat to watch.


“Wow!” exclaims a commenter. “Now who cleans that?” Another is impressed as well: “To the ones who built and made those structures: You are what society needs now!” Referring to the one moment when the dominoes stopped falling and had to be re-started, a viewer of the video writes, “To that one blue block: You had one job!” “Doesn’t count,” grumpily asserts another. “Anyone else irrationally upset that the guy messed up the spiral when he ran over to restart the dominoes?” asks a user. This person has a similar sentiment: “I kept waiting for the dude with the camera to knock the whole thing down on accident.” Another confesses to some nervousness: “Who else had anxiety when that guy kept running around the shot stomping the ground. Lucky he didn’t set anything off.” “This is nothing. My toddler makes way bigger messes,” quips a commenter. Another imagines cleaning it up as well. “Janitor: ‘I quit,’” the user writes. “The most impressive part is that the side ramp structures’ collapse without tipping over the high bridge parts,” observes a video watcher. We agree. There was some fabulous engineering involved here and we thank whoever spent the time, energy and meticulous setup to make it happen and share it. Recommended for you

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