The pen is polished, comfortable to use, and is compatible with the latest iPad and iPad Pro models as well as iPad Air (3rd Gen) and iPad Mini (5th Gen). The Meco package comes with a 14cm long pen, an adhesive leather pen bag that can stick to tablets or other surfaces, an extra nib in case your original pen tip breaks, and an anti-friction glove that prevents sweat from getting on your tablet. The stylus is rated safe to use on tempered glass surfaces and may be used with screen protectors. The device has abrasion resistance and screen protection so you won’t have to worry about scratching your iPad. Finally, the stylus has a fast response time and it feels like pen on paper. You don’t have to pair it via app or Bluetooth. Using it is simple and effortless & it gives the Apple Pencil some serious competition; by the end of this review, I have a feeling this gadget will win you over.

Meco Product Information

Meco Stylus vs. Apple Pencil

There are several differences between Meco and the Apple Pencil, but if you’re looking for something straightforward, then Meco is the way to go.

Apple Pencil (1st & 2nd Gen) Specs

1st Gen uses lightning connector for pairing/charging, 2nd Gen charges/pairs wirelessly.

1st Gen has magnetically attached cap, 2nd Gen magnetically attaches and pairs to your devices.

1st Gen compatible with iPad 6/7th Gen, iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro 12.9" 1/2nd Gen, iPad Pro 9.7" and 10.5".

2nd Gen compatible with iPad Pro 12.9" 3/4th Gen, iPad Pro 11" 1/2nd Gen.

1st Gen dimensions are 6.92" length (tip to cap) with 0.73 ounce weight and 2nd Gen dimensions are 6.53" length and 0.35" diameter with 0.73 ounce weight.

1st Gen has a matte finish and includes extra tip & 2nd Gen has a smooth finish.

Both 1st & 2nd Gen have tilt and pressure sensitivity and 2nd Gen can be double tapped to change tools.

The Apple Pencil sounds pretty great, right? Well, unfortunately, it’ll cost between $99 and $125 depending on which version you get, and you won’t recuperate those costs if the tips break. But what about the Meco Special Stylus? For one, it’s noticeably smaller, thicker, and heavier than either Apple Pencil, but it doesn’t require an app or Bluetooth to use. The stylus is also built for accuracy with a 0.1mm tip and 0.01s response time that leads to no broken lines or lag. In my opinion, the precision is just as good as the Apple Pencil and I like the weightier feel of the Meco stylus. Both devices have palm rejection technology, which means you can safely rest your palm on the tablet and not see extra lines during use. If the pen feels good in your hand and draws/writes well, then consumers will be happy with it.

Is a Cheaper iPad Stylus Worth Buying?

The biggest downside to a cheaper alternative is that they just don’t work as well as the expensive product. After comparing Meco to Apple, I can happily say that this ain’t the case here. Meco’s stylus is responsive, accurate, easy to use, and comfortable. It lacks features like app switching or wireless pairing that other styluses have but as a drawing/writing tool it performs flawlessly. But are there any downsides to owning a cheaper stylus? The answer is yes, but it’s subjective. The Meco stylus is heavier and thicker than other styluses, which can be uncomfortable to hold for some but for others it might be perfect. For some, wireless pairing and a magnetic attachment is a must have, but for others, it’s something they could live without. Some feel the design of the stylus, like the smooth or matte finish of Apple Pencil, is very important but most won’t care at all. I know I don’t care what the stylus looks like or what it’s made out of as long as it works and lasts a long time. Is the Meco special stylus as durable as the Apple Pencil? I don’t know yet; there have been a few complaints that the tip breaks off easily but I’ve yet to encounter that problem. Durability will depend on use case. The pen can operate for 20 hours on a single charge and has an extra tip in case you break the first one, but unless you constantly use the tablet to draw/write you won’t have a problem.

Meco Stylus Pen for iPad: Final Review

The Meco Stylus Pen for iPad was designed to work with the latest software and hardware from Apple and it doesn’t disappoint. I give the Meco Special Stylus Pen for iPad 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a terrific alternative to the expensive Apple Pencil with great accuracy, battery life, precision, comfort, and durability. It doesn’t require Bluetooth to pair and it just works. I took half a point off because it’s missing hardware features that the Pencil has, and the design/weightiness may be too much for people. It also lacks some Apple Pencil software features, but it does come with the sweatproof glove, pen case, and extra nib so that’s something. So what’s the final verdict? I would recommend this stylus to new iPad owners (check the compatibility list) that are looking to save money and want a digital pen that does the basics well. This is an excellent tool for artists/writers/kids and it does feel like magic in your hand. But if you’re someone who wants the very best and needs the magnetic/pairing features then this probably won’t be enough. Regardless, the Meco Stylus for iPad is an impressive stand-in that has what it takes to take on the Apple Pencil, and it’s not a bad idea to have this product in your electronics toolkit.

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