“Ameca is the world’s most advanced robot with a truly human form,” the company says. “A robot at the forefront of humanoid robotics technology.” See what you think about this stunning technological achievement, a wonderful glimpse of which is provided in this 39-second TikTok video from @future_explored.


The comments section for this video reveals that viewers experience a wide range of reactions. Here’s a brief look at those. One commenter exclaims, “This is incredible! It looks so human.” Another is simply taken by Ameca’s charm and life-like expression: “It’s so adorable, look at the little bby!!” “He’s….. understanding,” writes a viewer of the video that seems as if he’s trying to come up with the right words to describe the empathy the robot seems to exude. Others are not so positive, and in fact, seem to want to warn us that our technology leaders are wandering into treacherous territory. “This…this all too dangerous on its own,” says one. “If this gets let out we could all be in trouble.” Another, perhaps a bit tongue-in-cheek, writes simply, “You know they wind up killing us all.” And some viewers seem to be enamored. “It’s unbelievable what’s happening with technology. Just imagine it in another 50 yrs,” writes a commenter. “Everyone else is creeped out or saying this is a bad idea but I love them,” writes another.  One observer really summed up the way the video closed out with what almost looked like a glimpse into the robot’s soul: “That grin at the end….” So as we digest what we’ve just seen, we think about the fact that there are many potential uses for robots in the coming years. For now we’re content to simply watch, enjoy and think about the unlimited possibilities for future advancement.  Recommended for you

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