Social Media

One of the key benefits of taking a break from technology is that it will limit how much time you waste doing things that don’t need to be done. One of the main places in the lives of many people, where they spend a lot of time, is in social media. Although many people still see social media as something to do throughout the day, there is no denying that many people fall into the habit of plugging into their social media from their smartphones first thing in the morning or before they go to sleep at night. If you hate being forced to still be online, take a social media break. When you take a brief break from technology, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and concentrate on doing things you enjoy. For example, if you love to play video games, you might put them off for a few days to give your body some rest. Instead, you can concentrate on creating new friendships.

Use a Desktop or Laptop Instead of Your Phone

For those who spend at least 8 hours a day using a smartphone or similar device, it can be very time consuming to switch from this way of doing things to a laptop or desktop computer. Even if you just use a smartphone to check Facebook or tweet a post, you’re still doing multiple tasks. Instead of getting a desktop machine that lets you run a range of tasks, you’re forced to pull up your smartphone any time you want to do something. But, spending time in front of your PC or laptop is still bad for your health, it can give you serious headaches, backaches, and other forms of aches and pains. That’s why it can be helpful for you to take a quick break from the stuff you’re doing for about 5 or 10 minutes every hour or so.

Feel More Energized and Save Money

When you take breaks from technology, you are less likely to feel like you are hurried or rushed. In fact, you’re going to find that you’re more refreshed and energized to do things when you take breaks in between. Besides having a positive impact on your wellbeing, taking a short break from technology would also save you money. Although it might not sound like much, every time you save on your tech use, you’ll save a few dollars a month particularly if you cut down on mobile data usage.

Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life

Another advantage of unplugging from your phone you might not have thought about is that it will help you conserve battery power. This is particularly important if you use your phone to catch up with your friends or to contact your family every day. By eliminating a large portion of the screen time you spend on your device, you will find a major increase in the battery life of your phone. No more having to charge it twice a day. You will also find that your ability to concentrate on tasks will also improve.

Give Your Productivity a Boost

Taking a break from technology will also help you improve your productivity. The longer you go without being wired into the internet, the longer your brain can focus on one particular task. When you unplug yourself from the internet, you can concentrate your attention on more important tasks. Some researchers say that a 15-minute window between the time spent on a screen would increase efficiency by as much as thirty percent! Many people find when they avoid being linked to technology, they free their minds from the endless chatter that is going on in their heads. In reality, several experts claim that the main cause of stress in today’s society is the long hours people spend sitting in front of a computer screen. By taking a break from the computer, the mind will set itself free and start thinking more critically. This may sound like an unusual mental health advantage, but it’s real!

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