Most cell phone owners consider a worst-case scenario as being if the phone falls into malicious hands, like those of a thief. However, not nearly as much is known by the average citizen about what can happened if a phone is confiscated for evidence or investigators request access to it. TikTok user @messymilitarylawyer has a suggestion that could drastically change how people set up the first level of phone security.  I cannot admit that I know enough about the law or obligation to turn over evidence to comment on the authenticity of this suggestion. If ever in a situation where a cell phone may be surrendered, follow the advice of legal counsel based on the circumstances. I would hope cell phone manufacturers can create a version of two-factor authentication to better protect users. Commenters had some interesting suggestions to this scenario. Deez wrote, “Former CID forensic examiner here. If you think your phones gonna be seized turn on lockdown mode. The tools won’t work to bypass the pin then.” “The law I am not worried about it’s my wife I fear,” confessed 0010110.