With computer assisted design and the progress of digital imaging, skilled artists can push the possibilities every day with new work. CGI in movies look very lifelike, and animation can seamlessly weave in and out of live action footage. With all that, this video shared by TikTok user @alternatebazaarart blurs the horizon between fantasy in reality in an unbelievable way. Commenters were sufficiently mind-blown by this video. Copper Badger replied, “I’ve never seen something so simultaneously real and unreal.” “Slimer has entered and exited the chat,” noted ArchAndroid. glaoLINDA admitted, “For a second I thought this was a classroom and like that was just a party tunnel for kids but like idk why I thought that - sick art!” I literally could not tell you if that animated blob went over a real table or that was also animated. That is some amazing work being done. I can imagine going on this channel is like going down some fantastical rabbit hole of artistic pursuits that stretch the possibilities of conscious perception and understanding.