Most of the struggles comes from how we prioritize tasks and determine how much time each assignment should be allotted. Some of that comes from experience over time, while some scheduling comes with an educated guess and a shrug. TikTok user @littlemamalo provided some insight on how she keeps things running smoothly and organizes her calendar.  Commenters were appreciative of this solution posted. suzy exclaimed, “OMG I JUST TAUGHT MY TEAM THIS LAST WEEK! ITS WONDERFUL!” “Yep I do this too. And you can add the Teams /WebEx meeting details to block incoming calls and have your profile set in red,” responded Kalelom. Chris admitted, “This is much better than my snooze habit lol.” This is a new option I have seen to integrating personal and professional calendars, which gives some more flexibility and the opportunity to keep tabs on different devices. For those who need their work/life balance integrated on a single calendar, this could solve a lot of juggling issues and provide more peace of mind. I like the color system to help scheduling priorities and keeping the most important tasks on our minds.