Uploaded to TikTok by user @ozzymanreviews, the clip provides plenty of fodder for remarks in the comments section. “That’s not a road,” writes @theelegantgoose. “It’s a Slip ‘N Slide!” “The road will decide your fate,” writes @takota_pipes. Reader @kylierihanna4 is ranking the road. “Top 10 most scary street in the world,” she says. “Is this that one vegetable oill trick that prevents cops from stopping in front of a facade?” asks @whyismyexist. “Worked a little too well.” “Something tells me that house has been crashed into before,” surmises @jeremyrendon07. “They got smart and put those cement guards up.” “I think the grooves in the road creates less friction for the tires to grip properly in a slope,” suggests @mu2blu. “The road was made by the local car repair shop,” guesses @mikep146. “You can see the wheels aren’t spinning,” observes @josephhernandez6743. “The drivers have no control.” “I understand tourists or vistors,” sympathizes @user3728037282056. “But that road must be really bad if local taxis are wrecking on it.” Video viewer @kengoss645 has a different take entirely. “I have never wanted to drive a road more than I want to drive this,” he confesses. We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us. Recommended For You

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