There are some world-famous museums around the world, like the British Museum in London, the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and Paris’ Louvre is considered the best art museum anywhere. However, with an influx of investment and commitment to the future, Dubai has sprung up as a key gateway to the world of tomorrow. TikTok user @lionlindaa visited the city’s Museum of the Future, and it looks like they have some incredible exhibitions for patrons. Commenters on this video were very appreciative of the opportunity to see of this amazing city’s great (if unheralded) destinations. “I’m really enjoying these day in the life vlogs. I’m due to go to a trip to Dubai so I love getting ideas of where to go,” replied Nora. Conner Leon remarked, “Museum of the Future is such a juxtaposition haha.” “That’s fr my dream! I wanted to go there for ssooooo long!!!” exclaimed Abdel-kareem.  I’m very fortunate to live near Philadelphia and have some incredible museums a short trip from me. While I’ve talked about visiting Dubai in the future, I had no idea there was such an impressive institution devoted to advancements in science and technology. I think this will go on my list if/when I get to visit.