Set Up

The instructions that arrived with the bulbs were quite simple. To begin with, I plugged the light strip into the power strip to ensure that the lights worked as they were supposed to. The light strip has dotted lines showing where it is safe to cut. So I measured the lengths I would need for the back of the TV and I cut along those lines. I then stripped back some of the covering plastic layer so that I could attach the end of the strip into the corner adapter. At first, this was confusing and it kept slipping out. However, I discovered that I was not pushing the strip far enough under the prongs of the adapter. Once I started doing this, the process got much quicker. In between attaching each corner-piece adapter, I plugged in the lights to make sure it still worked. Once I had made an almost complete square, I moved them to make sure it fit what I had measured out exactly. At this point I noticed that the strip kept falling out of the plug, to fix this I simply used some tape to tape it together, it worked perfectly. I then peeled off the adhesive backs and stuck them to the back of the TV, and it stuck well without any issues. All in all, from opening the box and first reading the instructions to turning them on with my voice and changing the colour, this entire process took around 30 minutes.

Usage and Results

One thing I noticed straight away about these bulbs is that they are definitely bright enough for mood lighting and create a great atmosphere. I enjoying picking a colour to use for atmospheric lighting while watching a film or a TV show. I also use it for low, non-white, lighting while I have a migraine which definitely reduces the strain on my eyes. I also use it to produce a warm white light as an additional lamp at night time, it is bright enough as a light source. I find that the coloured light from these bulbs is perfect for helping wind down before bed and is much less harsh on the eyes than white light. After using these bulbs on a daily basis, I have never had either of them disconnect or need to be rediscovered by the app. The Alexa bridge works perfectly and has never miscommunicated or failed to execute a command. I have incorporated both of these bulbs into various Alexa ‘routines’. They work perfectly as part of a routine and there is no delay or noticeable difference between them or any of my other smart devices. The only downside to these lights was that the adhesive on the back of the strip lights was not strong enough to hold the entire set up. After a week the lights began to fall off the back of the television. To compensate for this, I added small strips of invisible tape to secure the lights in place. This worked well and they have not moved at all since. The tape did not affect the quality of light or the colour coming from the LED strip lights. Overall this is a wonderful addition to my living room and adds a level to the decor of my house that I adore.

My Final Impressions

I adore these strip lights! The set up was so much easier than I was anticipating and the whole event was painless! The brightness is really satisfying, as is the saturation of the different colours, and I am so pleased with the way that they lend a positive atmosphere to my living room. They almost make the room feel bigger. For the price that they are worth I believe that they are a steal. They are reliable enough that I have not had any issues in the 3 months that I have been using them daily. I highly recommend these lights for anyone looking to add ambience to their home!

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Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on July 19, 2020: I like the sound of these strip lights. Thanks for the review!

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