Alas, here we are, where mad scientists are reanimating and manipulating the corpses of spiders to pick up small objects and carry out other tasks (in the most roundabout way possible). Honestly, we don’t have a particular part to warn you about with this video — the whole thing is just disturbing and will have you asking, “but why?”


Yep, it even lays out the instructions for how to do it, just in case you want to try at home. (Seriously, don’t do that, it’s just cruel … and weird.) Shared by Verititas on TikTok, the video lays out everything you need to know about the emerging development of necrobiotics. That’s the practice of reanimating and manipulating the corpses of animals and other living things. Why would scientists want to do something like this? Perhaps for research into fields like renewable robotics — such as the use of training or even directly controlling live roaches to navigate collapse sites. If the technology could advance to the point of full autonomous or remote control, necrobiotics could reduce the use of precious metals considerably in the production of commercial-use micro robots. Because, you know, consumers aren’t going to want a dead spider robot in the house.