Posted by TikTok user @dylanander5on, watch the video below to see what happens, as well as the friend’s stunned reaction.


“That’s a friend for life right there the way he talks to him,” proclaims commenter @tyklabelle. Reader @vicblends has the headline: “Dedication to the prank,” he writes. “‘You’re so talented, man. We can do anything,’” quotes @chicken_dinner68. “What a friend!” User @247basketball sees a future best man toast: “Hell of a story to tell at his wedding,” he suggests. “Bro was flabbergasted,” writes @trevin.b. “Man, he is ready. That’s a real friend, ride or die,” says @kimbozsama. “The pilot friend is a real one, too. He wouldn’t wish for you to get hurt.” Video watcher @uchiha_sama couldn’t help but love “the way he was so positive the entire flight.” “The laugh definitely has an edge,” observes @o_shrub. “You can tell he trusts his friend, LMAO,” notes @lifebysamii. “I would have been out of there.” Recommended For You

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