This is a tantalizing idea. What exactly is being discussed here? What inanimate objects are being considered for mobility?  Let’s go straight to the brief video, provided by TikTok user @future_explored.


So now we go in search of the market for this. What ideas might potential customers have? By “potential customers” of course, we mean you. The comments section here is full of ideas, from the practical to the ridiculous to the sublime. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The fridge! It could bring me lunch.TV remotes.MY FRICKING BED.My shoes.My desk.Beer fridge.My fridge! A cold beer is always near.Cat tree.My toilet.A flashlight.Clothing basket, so I don’t have to carry laundry anymore. I want a robotic laundry robot that picks up dirty clothes, runs the wash, and hangs the clean clothes.I would have all of my furniture able to rotate into each of the four corners of the room for ease in vacuuming. Lazy-Boy chair. That thing I want that just over there and I can’t be bothered to go and get.Every single piece of furniture in my home. With no touch movement. Put my hand out and move it like a magican. Myself.Beer fridge.Car keys.My bed. Sleep my way to work. I hate getting up in the morning.A toilet for things such as nursing homes, for patients who have issues even getting to the restroom. it could help the nurses.The fridge.A mini fridge.Everything. My appliances are gonna dance at night and freak out my neighbours.My house - move it wherever.Add it to my video game systems so they can remind me to play them like a puppy.My bed so I can wake up at work.The correct answer is everything.Gaming chair.Toolbox would be cool.Slippers.My phone.

There are certainly some recurring themes here. But we can’t leave out the commenter who replied, “My self-esteem.” In any case, we are following this and other new technology. And you can count on us for updates on this and other new developments. Recommended for you

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