Super Mario Run iOS download will be hitting next week. The game is pretty interesting. Different part is it is automated running. Mario will be self running meanwhile you can collect coins and tap to jump.  The games looks pretty cool and interesting. However it is based on the self running style which we got tired off. But still there is much more to offer in Super Mario Run for iOS. The old and famous fictional character Mario is once again live with us right on our Smartphones in the Super Mario Run. The graphics and animations of the game are of high quality and premium. Pretty exciting features and events occurs in the games. Like you can compete with different players all around the world. You can build your own kingdom with toads on your side. Super Mario Run iOS download is worth having. Features what this game is about can be seen below. Overall it’a a fun to play micro game.


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Super Mario Run Game Play Features

Before Download Super Mario run ios. These are some features of Supermario run.

World Tour

Run and leap with fashion to rescue princess peach from bowser’s clutches! Journey thru plains, caverns, haunted houses, airships, castles, and much more. clear 6 worlds full of 24 brand-new courses made for easy single hand play.

Toad Rally

Display off mario’s stylish actions, compete against your buddies and undertaking people from all the world. That sounds fun, in collaboration with Pokemon go. There is a special challenge mode in you will get a different challenge whenever you play If you acquire high score when competing, toads are gonna cheer you and may come in your Kingdom. you could also perform elegant moves to refill your gauge and launch into coin rush! That allows you to play toad rally, you’ll need rally tickets that you could accumulate in a diffusion of ways, including clearing worlds or through bonus video games for your country.

Kingdom Builder

You can build your kingdoms with your collected coins and toads at your side. Make buildings and other stuff.

Download Super Mario Run iOS

The wait is over guys. Super Mario is released for iOS. You can now download it officially via App Store. Hope you Like Super Mario iOS Download. Just share it so your friends know and subscribe. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+