This young, “Predator”-era Arnold Schwarzenegger deep fake is not only visually accurate, but the guy’s impersonation of Arnold’s voice only seals the deal. What he does with those vocal talents is really the prize in this video.


Posted by a TikToker known as Just2Impress, the video is brilliantly executed. However, something about the deepfaker’s impression goes off the rails very quickly into just Arnold-like vocalizations. According to the TikToker, he uses the DeepFaceLive and DeepFaceLab to create these awfully convincing deepfakes. “Try to say… ‘Run, Go!! Get to the chopper,’” one viewer recommended. “Must have Austrian in his blood … amazing,” another viewer said of the deepfaker’s performance. “I truly believe there is another copy of you in this world.” “Conan is back,” another viewer joked. “Wow, you look just like Eddy Murphy,” a final viewer said sarcastically. “Keep up the top impressions, Mr. Stallone.” Recommended for you

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