We have seen more instances of robots doing novel things people take for granted, like playing sports, handling delicate items, or interacting with humans. These can lead to interesting moments for both parties but sometimes it can be downright weird or awkward. As TikTok creator @foundbylouis discovered, sometimes it’s just perspective.  Normally going to an art museum and trying to get near the installations gets patrons at least a harsh glare from security. However, this is (female figure), an art project by the acclaimed Jordan Wolfson first unveiled in 2014, shown on display at the Brant Foundation in NYC. And yes, that’s Lady Gaga playing in the background with the dancing figures.   The figure in the video dances and can deliver monologues, creating a more interactive experience than most get out of traditional art. The comments show there are a lot of fans of the piece, as texhol noted, “Omg you met HER! I think about her at least once a day.” Anemomylos remarked, “The robot is a RPDR instagram queen.” M asked, “Do you think she ever feels sad”. While the fans were really in awe of the piece, there was no clear winner in the “dance-off.”