What makes seeing Andromeda so nifty is that we are looking from inside our own galaxy, then through the blackness, then all the way to the light again to see our nearest sister galaxy, giving us a bit of perspective on our place in the universe. Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy, known as @cosmic_background on TikTok, shares this 30-second video while reminding us of one fact all Galaxy photos have in common. And be sure not to miss the photo reveal at the end of the short video.


“That just blew my mind,” one commenter says. “Wow.”

Another acknowledges, “Pictures of space are always humbling,” The Andromeda Galaxy is one of the most distant objects that can be seen with the naked eye. The galaxy is located near the constellations Cassiopeia and Pegasus. From Wikipedia: Andromeda is best seen during the fall in the Northern Hemisphere when it passes high overhead, reaching its highest point around midnight in October, and two hours earlier each successive month. In early evening, it rises in the east in September and sets in the west in February. From the Southern Hemisphere the Andromeda Galaxy is visible between October and December, best viewed from as far north as possible.  Many don’t realize it is possible to see some of Andromeda’s features with binoculars, which is fantastic to know. But obviously a telescope will reveal a better viewing experience. Recommended for you

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