Posted by TikTok user @dude_same_, this video reveals the odd behavior and prompts people to offer opinions. Note that there is some salty language involved here.


User @breadsticcart has a suggestion about what could be causing the behavior: “Too much power being drawn by fan for your room’s breaker to be able to provide enough power to the PC,” he says. “I don’t think that’s it cuz I can run them both at the same time just fine,” replies the creator of the video @dude_same_. “Turning off the fan just woke up the PC from sleep mode here.” “Oh, I misunderstood,” says @breadsticcart. “I’ve actually had a similar situation with a fan, and I think that it stops drawing power so suddenly that some of it gets kicked back to the PC which makes it think to wake up?” “It’s probably an electric problem,” writes @dnd_daddy0. “The fan needs more power cause old. Electric feedback could be turning it on. Try turning the switch off on PC if off.” To which @dude_same_ replies, “The PC was on sleep mode and they’re plugged into different outlets.” And that prompts @dnd_daddy0 to conclude simply, “Then it’s ghosts.” “Um…. Magic?” asks @sithslayer683. “Or ghosts,” says @dude_same_. Recommended for you

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