What is Roblox?

In a nutshell, Roblox is an online platform where you can go to play games, interact, communicate with other players, trade and purchase Roblox items. Players can even make their own games, design shirts, pants, accessories and share it with other Robloxians. To date, there are around 230 million registered users and around 30 million daily users. That’s a lot of people using this platform. As such, there is whole set of lingo created in the game. Some are already familiar especially those used in other online experience and texting message while others are exclusive to the Roblox community.

Why Learn Roblox Slang?

I know several players who get annoyed, depressed and even bullied in such platforms. As one parent pointed out to me, the conversation seemed harmless. There were mentions of bacon, noob, 13, jk and other words that may seem innocent. However, when I explained to her the context of how these Roblox words were used, she understood why her daughter seemed upset. Also, there was a time when a parent of my student approached me and asked about a conversation her son had online. It was a screenshot of a chat her son and a stranger had. Long story short, the stranger was asking for his mom’s credit card number. He was even asking personal details like parent’s name, maiden name, names of pet, school etc. Obviously, there are people who may take advantage of your child.

Common Roblox Lingo

This is not an exhaustive list of Roblox slang and online lingo but this will get you started. Moreover, these Roblox words may change its meaning as it eveloves in the community. Lastly, deciphering what the Roblox slang means entail understanding the context behind its usage. 13: This is a reference to the 13+ age restriction. But some players use 13 to refer to someone as immature. Example: You are such a 13. 1v1: One on one or one versus one. This is usually used to indicate two players facing off in the game. ABC: This is an offer for a task. It is usually used in role-playing games like Adopt Me. The conversation would go like: “ABC for a sister” this means I am looking for a sister in this game or who wants to be a sister? Or it can go like : ABC my pet for yours which translates to let’s trade our pets. ABC can also be a response to an offer. For example, who wants to trade? Then someone will respond ABC me. A/C: This means Accept or Counter. A/C is usually used when trading with another player. It is merely asking a response from another player regarding a trading offer. For example, a player may chat: Trade my Nox for your Cupid’s Spear. A/C A/D: This means Accept or Decline. Like A/C, it seeks for a response regarding a trade offer. AFK: Away From Keyboard. Players use this acronym to indicate that they won’t be able to play since they are temporarily away from their computer or keyboard. AOS: Arrest on Sight. This one is used in role-playing games with cops or prisoners. B) : This is a variation of a smiley face.
Bacon: A player who is new to the Roblox community. Some use it as an insult when they are not skillful in playing the game. BRB: Be Right Back. This indicates that the player will be gone for a while. It’s an alternative to AFK Boosted Ape: This is an insulting phrase suggesting that one player got to a high level only through the help of friends and not on his/her own skills. This is usually done through giving of special items, setting up the game so one player wins more(teaming). Blox: To kill another player in the game. Example: Let’s blox that player. I got bloxed by that player. Bruh: This is used as a statement of disbelief or it can be a dismissive expression. BTW: Sort for by the way. We’ve been using this one for a long time now. CAMPER: This describes a player (the killer) who lingers on another player (victim) so that other players can’t heal or revive the victim. This term is often used in Survive the Killer game. Just a head’s up, camping is frowned upon in this game. Unfortunately, some players are called a camper even if they are not really camping on a victim. COMPED: this is short for compromised. It refers to a hacked account. Example: Bob was comped. DD: Dishonorably Discharged is usually used in military role-playing games in Roblox. DM: Direct Message. Dog Water: This is an insult referring to the poor skills of a player in the game. EZ: Easy. This indicates that the player had an easy time with the game. Fat Legs: This as first used to describe an avatar where the body is small (woman’s body) while the legs are big (default legs). Keep in mind that players can change their avatar and mix and match parts of their bodies. However, it has morphed into an insult referring to one as ugly. FFA: Free For All. There are games where all players play against one another. GG: Good Game. This shows appreciation to an excellent experience a player had during the game. In some Roblox game like Survive the Killer, it shows appreciation of how the killer and the players performed in the game. It is also an appreciation of how the players acted during the session. Or round GL: Good Luck.
GTG or G2G: Got to Go. This tells other players that the player will leave the game. ISTG: This means I Swear To God. This is a used when players interact. It can mean anything from an expression of frustration to emphasizing an idea or emotion. Read it with the context of the message in mind. JK: This mean joke or just kidding. Although this is meant as a friendly phrase some players may use it as an insult. Example: you are a jk KS: This mean kiss. Roblox blocked the word kiss. Lag: Slow response of the player due to slow internet or connection. Other players will use “laggy” or “lagging” to describe the same slow connection. LMAD: Let’s make a deal. This is an offer to trade with another player LVL: Short of level. LOL: Laugh Out Loud. This one is common nowadays. LVL: Short of level. NFT: Not for trade. This is often a response to someone when you don’t want to trade an item Noob: A player new to the game. Often , it is also used as a derogatory term to say that the player does not know how to play the game or is bad at the game. NP: This mean no problem. This can be a response to thank you. OBBY: This is a type of obstacle game in Roblox. OOF: The word off can mean many things from dying in the game - that’s usually the sound of a character dying. It can also mean a player having difficulty. OWNED: This is a taunt when another player beats another one. Example: He got owned. PWN/PWNED: to defeat or kill another player in the game. Example: I got pwned by that player. Reeeeeee: An expression of frustration. Robloxian: Anyone who plays Roblox Robux: This is the currency used in Roblox to purchase in game items. In game items are bought using this currency. The next time your child asks you to buy robux for him/her you know what it means. TY: Thank you W8: this is short for wait WL: Welcome YR: This is short for you’re right. ZZZ: This is used to indicate that you are bored at the conversation in the chat.

Cusses and Profanity in Online Games

I didn’t include in this list ways players cuss and curse in Roblox but they do exist. In spite of the diligent effort to block cuss words, players find a way to dish out inappropriate words. You can learn how players try to beat the filtering system of the platform here. As parents, you’d want to check this out. Leaning the Roblox slang or Roblox lingo and language adds to your arsenal to help protect your child when he or she plays online especially using this platform. I let my child play Roblox knowing that she’ll encounter other players who are rude and inappropriate. In fact, we play with her regularly but we guide her on how to handle rude players and explain the words used in the chat. As a parent and as an educator, equipping my child with the right mindset on how to handle these situations will make her behave appropriately. It’s an excellent training ground and practice in handling these kinds of experiences in real life. After all, we are not always present to shield, guide and explain to our children the realities of the world even in the digital world. Learn the Roblox slang and lingo and help your child navigate the online gaming world. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2022 JP Carlos

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