Photo by Sometimes the issue could be that you have the wrong power cable. I’ve actually had a few individuals to bring in their device using the wrong power cable. Sometimes you may come across a power cable that will fit your laptop power port but it may not yield the proper wattage for that specific computer, which can cause your laptop to not charge properly or not at all. The obvious sign to having this issue is that your laptop screen is dim and it won’t get bright at all even after you’ve set it in the control panel. You may have a damaged charger end. Check to see if you have damage to your charger cord. Inspect the entire cable from end to end. Are there any rips or cuts in the cable? Do you see any imperfections on the charger tip, for example, is the tip bent or missing any small pieces, do you see any defects at all. If any of these things are present you may just need a charger replacement. Here are a couple ways to find the correct charger wattage if you don’t know it.

  1. If your laptop was shipped with a data sheet, refer to the manufacturers included documentation.
  2. Go to the manufacturers website or Google, look up your computer and find the specs for it and look for the power supply wattage. 3.Go to Google type in the complete name and model of your laptop. For example: Acer Spin SP314-53N Series 14 + charger. This is how it should look, Acer Spin SP314-53N Series 14. You’ll see different ones pull up like 45watt and 65watt.

Let There Be Lights!

This may seem a bit silly but checking the lights on your device could actually help you diagnose the issue. Do you see the battery light, if yes then what’s its color. Is it amber color or green? Do you see the power button lit up? If it’s on then is it flashing or blinking and do you hear any beeps? If you see no lights at all that’s okay. Let’s work our way out to pinpoint the issue. If you have a newer model laptop, some of the newer laptops will not properly power on if the battery is at its end life charging cycle. If you see the battery light on, check to see if your battery is charging. Connect your power cable and let it remain on the charger for at least 45 minutes. If you have an end-of-life battery the light will remain amber in color, if it’s charging that light will start to turn green. This will either eliminate or identify the battery as a culprit. You’re mostly thinking that because the charger is plugged in, the laptop should power on. However, that’s not true with certain newer laptop models. It’s designed with a chip that alerts the motherboard of an endlife battery, prompting you to purchasing another one. Tip: Most newer hp’s require you to purchase OEM battery. Third party batteries will not work on some models.

Sometimes a Reset Does the Trick (Customer Case)

Customer: Good morning. My acer won’t charge. Can you check it out? It’s been fine and I used it yesterday morning after that nothing. I just need to use it long enough to get some documents off. Tech: Sure I can diagnose the issue and resolve it for you! Are you looking to have it repaired or do you just need your files recovered from the hard drive? Customer: I would really like it repaired if you can do it but if not, I really need all of my documents off of there some are highly important! Tech: Okay! I’ll be happy to do a quick diagnosis of it, it’ll take about 15 minutes. In the meantime, read over the permission agreement and I’ll be back with you in a few minutes. Except it didn’t take 15 minutes at all. I took the laptop to the work area, plugged it in, it didn’t do anything. Tried turning it on, it did nothing. Checked the charger cable and everything was straight there. Quickly removed the bottom cover and disconnected the battery, held down the power button for about 30 seconds, then plugged only the charger cable back in and it turned right on. Took only about 4 minutes. So I wait until the laptop completely boots and then shut it down, unplug it, reconnect the battery and attached the bottom cover. Flip the computer over and hit the power button and it comes on with just the battery connected. Plugged in the charger cable and everything is working normal. Tip: Sometimes laptops do this for whatever reason, power surge, improper shutdown, updates. It’s just one of those things that can sometimes happen. This problem was so simple to resolve I only charged the customer $10 and heard her say, “thank you God” as she left out of the door. Another satisfied customer.

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