See for yourself in this video posted by TikTok user @tech.


“Better than all the cardboard houses in America,” writes a commenter. “‘Mom, can I have a new room?’” a user writes as he imagines a future scenario. “‘Yeah, I will get the printer from the basement, darling.’” “Yeah, cool. But more people will be unemployed,” one reader asserts. Another agrees with this point of view: “Soon we all will be unemployed thanks to technology.” “How will they install electric or water pipes?” asks a viewer of the video. “The technology is not there yet,” writes a video watcher. “It may last longer than American cardboard plus wood houses though. Bricks are still superior.” “You can do that?!” exclaims a commenter with a sense of incredulity. “That’s not printing though, it’s laying,” says a user. “That will be $1 million for two rooms,” writes another. One user appears to have some experience with building houses and makes a few points. He writes, “Main issues: heating in walls (foam, etc.), durability (there is no metal structure inside), wiring, etc., would be a pain.” This is a fascinating use of 3D printing technology, and it’s pretty easy to imagine how this approach to building houses will become more and more common as the capability to do this improves over the years. Recommended for you

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