Posted by TikTok user @akittynamedwinter, check out what that is in this delightful video.


“LMFAO, that cat knows how to get what she wants,” writes commenter @brynnrothberg. “Manipulation….” User @erikaj_05 has some contradicting thoughts. “Part of me thinks, wow, my cats are broken while the other part is grateful they can’t do this. I’d never get sleep.” To which the poster of the video replies, “Winter is pretty good about not using the buttons while I’m in bed!” “Well, this is incredible!” writes video viewer @igottalottacats. “Button communication, a form of assistive language technology, can give your companion a voice and a way for them to understand you better too,” explains the Website “Button communication opens up new avenues of conversation and empathy, whether your learner wants to alert you to their needs or simply show you their love.” Recommended For You

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