The word “oops” doesn’t come close to doing this one justice. TikTok user @staceyhayes17 shares the moment in this for-the-ages video that contains a shocking second of bad judgment and regret.


It does beg the question, once the episode was all over and dealt with, about who got more laughs out of showing this to their friends—the wife or the husband. A commenter says this is “possibly my favourite video. How did your husband react?” To which the video poster replies, “I should’ve just dug my own grave hahaha. He was angry then lost it when he saw the video.” “HAHAHAHA!” someone exclaims. A couple commenters noticed the four-legged bystander. “Blame the dog,” says one. “LOL, the dog is like WTF,” observes another. “Hope you didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day,” says one viewer of the video. Advice is offered as well: “Just play it cool, walk away u seen nothing, u didnt hear.” “Oh well, have to redo it. It hadn’t been filled in behind,” a commenter writes. Another agrees there is some blame to go around. “This is why are you supposed to backfill as you build up.” Let’s just let this be a reminder to exercise caution while playing with your text toy. Those things can make you forget about important details in the world around you.

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