Posted to TikTok by user @horrorvidstok, this video captures the photo. See the pic and decide what you think.


“That’s kinda weird, does he know something we don’t?” asks the uploader of the video. “How is that strange?” asks commenter @reggie_rayg. “My family does this to all of our stuff.” User @official.cathy makes sure the issue is understood: “For everyone who doesn’t understand, people can access your camera and microphone so he covered it so they can’t hear or see anything,” she counsels. “I don’t do that, if they would’ve want to listen they would’ve already!” writes @erickimagines. “Why don’t you tape your phone?” “Yeah, me too,” says @yowassup002. “Because one time my camera was on and I never turned it on.” User @angieangel1966 suggests this is “because he knows people are listening and watching us all.” “I do this with almost every one of my devices,” admits @threemo. “I mean you can get little accessories to block these things,” writes @elejalde76. “Mine just slides over to block it.” Recommended for you

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