The iPhone has so many different tricks that most users don’t know about them all, often because they tend to maintain a routine of functions and app usages. Fortunately, there are experts offering advice online that expands our understanding, often showing us abilities, we may not realize existed. TikTok user @kylemeshna made a video with some interesting functions that could help users. Commenters were grateful for these tips. “The shape one is so dope! Thank you kindly, no more wobbly shapes for me!” replied Rehanon Wood. “I’m mad but grateful for your knowledge,” claims Asucena Jimenez. “Coming back with another comment. I just tried the circle and arrow and can’t stop laughing at how cool it is,” reported Nadavya.  Most of us struggle with writing on device surfaces, even when doing a signature with a pen, so this clear marking system is a major upgrade. Screenshots can be difficult to manage so being able to save them, especially if they can be transferred to a PDF, could be huge for those who use their phones for business dealings, like signing documents and emailing the confirmations.