While some items don’t survive well over time (like clothes), one that does hold up is film. If preserved well, your family’s photo album can last for decades - as can the film used to take those photos. TikTok user @expiredfilmclub made this incredible video based on something found that’s nearly 75 years old - yet still works with a modern camera.  First of all, that is amazing to think film made in 1948 not only held up through seven-plus decades of inactivity (those metal canisters did their job) but also works in a modern camera. Secondly, even though it’s black and white, the detail is incredible. Imagine showing the Tesla charging to someone in the 40s who probably just bought electric appliances like a vacuum.  Commenters were just as mind blown as most of us with the results of this experiment. Peggy’s Sugarfoot’s remarked, “Amazing how well film holds up if stored even half decently.” “If you’re near an airport, some pictures of an airplane would b pretty cool,” suggested brrrt022. “The Tesla photo was kind of Trippy to think about. Those people in 1948 couldn’t even imagine something like that!,” opined BlameTheCoconut.