Posted to TikTok by user @benbenmodels8, the below video shows the amazing process combining illusion and art. Watch and you will not be disappointed.


“That’s actually mad how perspective changes everything,” writes commenter @randomchingchong. “My life’s a lie….” The video suggests that autism plays a big role in the photographer’s art. “Evidence has shown that not only are many children with autism spectrum (ASD) highly intelligent, demonstrating creative and cognitive abilities that far exceed those of their non-ASD peers, but autistic children are also better able to process details than other children,” reads an article from Good Therapy. “In many tests, autistic children outperform their peers on local processing tasks, or tasks that require identification of parts of a whole.” According to the article, Jennifer E. Drake of the Department of Psychology at Boston College hypothesized that perhaps this local processing strength is a trait of artistic talent and not exclusive to individuals with autism. Similar to the detail we see in this photography, Drake tested these abilities with respect to drawing. In a study, the article says, “She found that the children with more drawing talent had higher levels of local processing abilities, regardless of whether they had ASD or not. Drake also noticed that the tests she administered were more predictive of drawing talent than they were of ASD. In other words, tests that are sometimes used to identify ASD traits in children may actually be indicating artistic abilities and not autistic tendencies.” Recommended for you

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