In the course of our relationships, partners take on certain responsibilities in everyday life, like one being the primary driver of a shared car. This assignment is greatly appreciated, especially when someone in the relationship (like me) has the ability to fall asleep in transit without much effort. However, there are nicer ways to wake up a napping partner than what TikTok user @av8_usa did.  Commenters have some conflicting thoughts to this video. “Why wake her when she’s looking all cute and snuggly sleeping? and then why like that?” pressed Linnea. Eyefeelzyou claimed, “Falling asleep in the passenger seat of a plane while ur husband flies u home is such a flex.” ““I was bored and wanted someone to talk too” FREAKING SAME,” insisted carrie. Is this funny or mean, or both? I would not think this is particularly safe to do frequently, based on the health effects of pulling negative g’s in flight. Having never flown a plane before, I also cannot speak to the safety of taking a hand off the controls to nudge someone to wake up in preparation of landing.