We visit some great things to know here in a wonderful video. TikTok poster @thegalacticgal shares this gem for Pluto lovers.


We see a lot of comments on this one. Let’s explore: “Pluto completes me,” says a user with a romantic flair. “Pluto has more class than all the other planets put together,” agrees another. And a proclamation: “Pluto is still a planet in my heart.” “If Pluto is smaller than the moon and most of earth is water, how is one-third of Pluto able to cover all the water? Am I trippin’?” asks a viewer of the video. “Pluto is smaller than our moon? I thought size didn’t matter,” wonders a user. And here’s an observation: “Pluto was classified as a planet for less time than it takes for it to orbit the sun.” As it turns out, Pluto gets a lot of love. We’re happy about that. Recommended for you

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