In the Pokemon Go 0.87.5 update there was an improved Pokemon GO Plus feature. Pokemon Go plus is an add-on accessory that lets you catch pokemon without taking your phone out of the pocket. There are daily quests in Pokemon Go 0.87.5 update which is a good one feature.

Today I am here to let you know that which hacks would work with new update. Let’s see if new Pokemon Go Gen 2 hack, Tutuapp, Magisk, Fly Gps, Joystick works or not for you.

First of all I want to tell you that if you have a rooted android phone, you would now need to install Magisk Pokemon Go Root hack to play this game. But it is to be done only by advance users. You may mess things up.

Some famous hacks for this game are described in this discussion today. Major Pokemon Go hacks like tutuapp, joystick controls, fly gps works on latest version 0.49.1 for most peoples. However I can only show you the way to install these hacks. And it is your luck that whether these work for you or not. Niantec has updated the Anti Hacking system and most of the hacks are now not working except FLY GPS. But you can still check them out. You may also be aware that this game is driving peoples crazy including you and me. And why not, it’s the first reality augmented game based on the famous Cartoon Network series Pokemon. The new Pokemon Go 0.63.4 version is much efficient and improved than the previous one. So, Any way I will list down some famous Pokemon Go hacks [Tutuapp, Magisk, FlyGPS, Joystick Controls, Guopan]

TutuApp Pokemon Go 0.87.5 Hack

Tutuapp Pokemon Go hack lets you play pokemon go withou actually walking. You can install this hack from the link below.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack

Note: Currently Tutuapp Is Providing regular version of Pokemon Go, So this hack doesn’t work for now

Pokemon Go++ Hack iOS/Android

Pokemon Go++ is another hack that works with he latest Pokemon Go 1.31.0, 0.31.0. It is also known as Poke Go++. You can install it on your iPhone or Android from the link below.

Poke Go++Hack

Fly Gps Pokemon Go 0.87.5 [Fake GPS]

For GPS spoofing on latest pokemon go. Use fly gps app and hack pokemon go v0.45 with joystick and GPS. Follow below link.

Fly GPS Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Joystick Controls

The Pokemon Go controls hack for joystick can installed from below. You can be at any location you want.

Pokemon GO Controls Hack

Guopan Hack Pokemon Go

This is new hack just available for pokemon go since some days. I have not tried it myself but you should give it a try and let us know.

Guopan Pokemon Go

Hope you like these Pokemon Go 0.75.0 hacks. Comment below to share your views. Please share it and subscribe.