Posted to TikTok by user @houseware603, the video below shows what they are and how they work. But the video has also created some debate about how best to use them.


“Buy two and take them everywhere because that is a tent and a carport,” suggests commenter @andrescazares133. “They come up with all these cool ideas for cars and everything else,” writes @sunshinehawkins0. “Come up with a cool idea for homeless people.” Reader @serenitycaudil8 agrees: “I like the idea for homeless people,” she says. “Give to the needed Veterans that are homeless!” @graydenise exclaims. “So what happens when the wind speeds are too high?” asks @kqwinning. “I have a Jeep Wrangler,” says @ilonamalone. “I don’t have a garage. Will it fit? Will it withstand Texas heat?” User @domg93 thinks he detects a flaw, saying, “When someone can break into your car and no one will know it’s happening, LOL.” “Looks good, but I can’t imagine it lasting long,” surmises @heidil127. Recommended For You

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