In cases of confusion, like finding a specific address in a block of rowhomes or office buildings, there’s usually a picture to pinpoint a location. Many of these are taken from street level and help people find their destination. For TikTok user @georainbolt, he can take an old picture and bring people to a destination, bridging not just distances, but even time itself. First of all, what an incredible way to reunite someone with a special memory. Finding a specific cafe by the harbor of Kato Pyrgos along the northern Mediterranean coast of Cyprus with just a photo is an incredible skill. Also, that is a spectacular view and might be going on my travel list. Suffice to say, commenters also have their minds blown. Christian Yaple replied, “This is what it looks like when people use their super powers for good. Massive W.” “I’m 100% sure he has been approached by random around the world intelligent agencies,” suggested spyross610. Even JBLAudio’s official account chimed in, “not all heroes wear capes, some wear hoodies”.