But it definitely is the right job for this TikToker who plans to turn his adorable house plant into a robot hungry for blood - I mean water. Creator @jakecreatesstuff (Jake) posted a video illustrating exactly how he’s going to do it, and we don’t know if we should be impressed or concerned. Jake said he’s going to start off by giving the plant a set of sweet wheels so it can move around and find him if it gets thirsty. Like a literal pet. He’s also going to give it a brain in the form of a smart camera that can recognize him as the plant parent. He’ll even give it a voice module so the plant can verbally abuse him if it’s neglected.  This is really cool and scary at the same time, and other viewers agree. “I’m cackling, I must know how this plays out,” TikTok user @anxiousassistant said. “I’ve never wanted something so badly,” @the.sleepless.cook said. “uh… what could possibly go wrong?” @precious_insomniac said. We cannot wait to see how this turns out. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time until we see people walking their plants alongside their dogs. Or perhaps it’s time for nature to take back the planet. Either way, how fun!