Python: Get System IP Address

To find the local IP address of a device using Python, you can use the socket module. Here is an example of how to find the local IP address of a device using Python:

This code creates a socket and connects it to a special IP address and port number. The IP address is a broadcast address, which means that the packet will be sent to all devices on the network. The port number does not matter, as long as it is not in use. After connecting the socket, the code calls the getsockname() method, which returns the address and port number of the socket. The IP address is the first element of the tuple, which is extracted using [0]. Finally, the code closes the socket and returns the IP address.


In this tutorial, you have found a Python script that helps you to get the system’s IP address. Note that this method may not work on all systems, as it relies on the behavior of the underlying operating system. It is intended to work on most systems, but it is not guaranteed to work on all systems.