Excitement is evident in the comments section for this TikTok clip posted by @thegalacticgal. “I’m over the moon at this news!” exclaims @kennypapp. “I am beyond excited for Artemis,” confesses @omega9452. “I tried to get tickets to the launch through the creator program but they didn’t pick me.” “Don’t worry,” replies @thegalacticgal. “I wasn’t selected either.” Which is a bit surprising considering she actually worked on the project, specifically for Artemis 1 and 2, and even a bit on 3. “What kind of testing will they be doing on these missions?” asks @hvacdoctor904. “Artemis 1 will be all about testing the equipment for these missions,” answers @dworren. “Where can I get a moon visa?” inquires @erixoooo. “In this crazy world, it’s so refreshing to see this level of enthusiasm,” writes @mapi.charlie. “Finally, we’re going back.” Recommended for you

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