These foldable adapters are 50% smaller and 66% lighter than standard laptop chargers and can simultaneously charge a phone & laptop or Mac and iPad/tablet without overheating. Between RAVPower & Aukey I’ve been in awe at what kind of innovative gadgets lesser-known brands could deliver plus they’re worth checking out if you’re looking to save some cash. The RAVPower adapters I’ve tested come with dual ports – the 65W charger with USB-A & USB-C PD and the 90W charger with 2 USB-C PD ports. Both are certified to work with QC (quick charge) and PD (power delivery) 3.0 for the fastest, safest charging protocols. Each contains protections from short-circuiting, over-voltage, and so forth. I can attest that these chargers do not get very hot despite charging my Galaxy Note 10+ from 0-100%. You may not think proper heat dissipation matters but if you own an expensive MacBook Pro then you’ll want it safeguarded, and beyond that, they can work with a slew of new & future devices.

RAVPower Product Information

RAVPower 65W PD 2-Port Wall Charger Review

The 65W PD 2-port wall charger has one iSmart USB-A (QC 3.0) output and a USB-C PD output that works with most electronics such as; iPhone, Samsung, MacBook, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch. In fact, it can charge a MacBook Pro 15.4" in 2 hours. Yet what impresses me more is that this adapter is 30% smaller compared to a regular 60W non-GaN chargers. GaN or gallium nitride represents the next phase of material chargers with far more efficiency and less heat than their predecessors. It’s no wonder why so many companies are jumping on board, and personally, I was getting sick of dragging my bulky laptop chargers around. In addition, the 65W adapter has a split charging mode meaning it can charge your phone and your laptop at the same time. However, if two ports are being used the power splits 45-60W & 5-18W depending on which gadgets you’re charging. What I like about this charger vs the 90W variant is the USB-A port. I have a lot of legacy devices that rely on USB-A and I’m sure you do too. However, I hope you have charging cables hidden somewhere because this product doesn’t come with one. It’s not a big deal until you realize that having the right cable could mean the difference between slow & fast charging speeds, so they should’ve included it. Regardless I’m thrilled with what I’ve got and it functions admirably but what if 65W wasn’t enough power . . .

RAVPower 90W PD 2-Port Wall Charger Review

It’s time to bring out the heavy machinery with RAVPower’s 90W PD two-port wall charger; the ultimate substitute laptop adapter. Modified from product page Weighing in at 190g and measuring slightly more than the 65W variant, this charger is more expensive but better equipped to deal with power-heavy gadgets. The 90W adapter can charge a 15" MacBook Pro in 2.3 hours, a 13" MacBook Pro in 1.8 hours, and a 12" MacBook Pro in 1.5 hours. It also works great with the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone/Galaxy/Pixel smartphones, and Nintendo Switch. And like the 65W charger, this too supports single & split charging modes. Under single the PD port could output 18-90W and with dual it splits the output at

45W + 30W for laptop & iPad 45W + 45W for 2 laptops 60W + 30W for laptop & tablet (non iPad) 60W + 30W for laptop & smartphone.

Worried about damaging your devices? Well don’t because on top of multiple safety protections it also has smart power distribution that leverages volts/current based on output device, so there are no guessing games. The only downside is that the cable used with the adapter must be an E-Mark data cable otherwise it won’t utilize the 90W output. It does come with a USB-C to C cable but it’ll tap out at 60W causing “slow charging” warnings when charging Dell & Lenovo series laptops. And though the 90W adapter is compatible with the gadgets I have, it lacks a USB-A port for older devices so you better have extra cables on deck. Note: If using 3rd party certified cables for Apple devices, you may have to replug them if the slow charging indicator pops up. Charger is not compatible with RAVPower RP-PB054/PB055 power banks.

RAVPower PD Pioneer Series Wall Chargers: Final Review

RAVPower lived up to its name and delivered a stellar tech package. The Pioneer Series is bold, creative, and imaginative. The adapters are stylish, foldable, and come with the most advanced GaN tech out there. They’re up to date with the latest QC & PD charging protocols and they even tag on bright LED indicator lights for good measure. I give the RAVPower PD Pioneer Series 65W + 90W 2-Port Wall Chargers 4.9 out of 5 stars. These chargers pretty much have everything you could want in an advanced charging adapter. Granted they don’t give you the moon but they deliver on their promise. And with our lives seemingly moving faster and faster it’s only right we have accessories that can keep up with us. The RAVPower PD Series is highly recommended for all consumers in need of a fast, do-it-all adapter, and if you’re feeling bold, why not give both 65W + 90W versions a try.

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