This planet orbits it star from so close a range that the heat from the star is enough to melt rock, so its surface has oceans of lava. The video here is posted by TikTok user @thegalacticgal who always seems to have something extraordinary to share. This is no exception.


“Learn something new everyday. Thank you!” says a user. “They can see these planets’ weather but can’t predict the weather on Earth,” writes a commenter. One viewer of the video is a bit skeptical. “Love how people can state what something is made of that’s trillions upon trillions of miles away,” the user writes. To which the video poster, @thegalacticgal, simply replies, “Science is cool.” “It blows my mind that we can tell that one side of a planet light years away is hotter than another,” observes a commenter. Another poster is very enthusiastic, saying, “Space is the coolest thing ever. I learn something new and amazing everyday.” To that we would have to agree one hundred percent. Recommended for you

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